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We are the offical distributor for 2XU in five countries in Central Europe and beyond.


  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Bulgaria
  • Romania

About 2XU

Born from ambition. Designed for the finish line.

2XU (pronounced “Two Times You”) is the most technically advanced sportswear brand in the world, driven by a relentless pursuit of advancing human performance.

They are the global leader in sports compression. 2XU converts scientific, independent, evidence-based research into the world’s best performance-enhancing sportswear. Their compression fabric is powerful, lightweight and flexible, delivering physiological benefits far beyond the competition. 2XU garments take athletes beyond what they thought possible, allowing them to train harder, perform stronger and recover faster.

2XU is the sportswear brand of choice for world champion athletes and teams across sports including athletics, basketball, cycling, rugby, running and triathlon.

Human Performance. Multiplied.

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